Aeneas Association’s website
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Aeneas Association’s website

Aeneas is an association whose role is to support the nanotechnology industry in Europe.

We have redesigned their website and optimized it for search engine optimization (SEO).

The solution

Faro was responsible for the redesign of Aeneas’ website, content integration, and optimization for effective SEO.

A series of infographics were also created to accompany the content and make it more engaging.

The website is built on WordPress and includes the development of specific modules, including a Members page through the import of a table in .csv format.

A turnkey maintenance service is provided through our platform, ensuring the proper functioning of the website and enabling the implementation of new functionalities.

We needed a website redesign that included more impactful infographics, a more responsive site, and SEO support. Faro was able to meet our needs closely and within the expected timeframe.
Maud V., Director of Communications

The result

A clear and functional website that enables the team to independently edit content.

A significant improvement in search engine results has also been observed, with a +158% increase in visitors from search engines (last quarter of 2021 compared to 2020).

The website is available at this link.