Corporate GPEC presentation video for Aptar Company.
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Corporate GPEC presentation video for Aptar Company.

Creation of a film showcasing the implementation of GPEC (Workforce and Skills Planning) within Aptar France company.

Our team

Production Manager

Motion Designer

Client Team

Anna H.
Mission Officer, HR Projects

Sylvie E.
HR Director, Aptar France

The brief

As part of the deployment of Workforce and Skills Planning (GPEC), Aptar entrusted us with the creation of an educational film for their employees.

The goal was to make an HR topic understandable to everyone and to foster unity around it.

The solution

We have chosen to work on a motion design film to visually simplify sometimes complex ideas.

Interviews are included in the film. They allow employees to connect with representatives and emphasize that GPEC is primarily a human principle.

The result

The film is available by clicking on the thumbnail below ⬇️